5: Leave your car at home…


…cycle or take public transport to work, or even better walk.

A large part of our carbon footprint comes from our daily commutes. Why not reduce your impact on the environment (and your pocket). You could switch your four wheels to two, or even better, put one foot in front of the other and walk in.

Walking in

The lovely people over at Living Streets laid out some of the benefits of walking to work:

  • Better shapeBurn calories, feel healthier and get fitter
  • Clearer headBlow away the cobwebs and relieve your stress levels
  • Hidden treasuresMake new discoveries in your area
  • Fatter walletSave your travel fare and walk instead
  • Carbon busterCut your environmental footprint
  • Save time Walk during your lunch hour to get your weekend chores done

Cycling in

Last year on Cycle to Work Day 17,472 people cycled a total of 261,315 miles saving £177,566.66 on travel and 54,864.44kg of CO2 emissions.

If you enjoy your cycle in to work today, why not ask your employer about the cycle to work scheme where you can get a bike tax free and pay for it through your monthly salary.

Public transport

We all love to hate public transport, but for today let’s focus on the benefits. Try these ways to make your morning tube or train journey better…

  1. Make the most of the time on the tube by diving straight into your Christmas reading and travel to work via Hogwarts, Narnia or King’s Landing!
  2. If there is too much hustle and bustle on your commute, try podcasts or audio-books instead.
  3. Smile! It really is contagious, so challenge yourself to spread the joy right through your train carriage this morning!

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