6: Turn it down

Simple Thing No.6

Check the temperature of your thermostat. Would you be warm enough if you took it down and put on a nice snuggly jumper?


Reducing our carbon dioxide emissions

Running our heating uses gas and this releases carbon dioxide into the air. Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere and is an essential part of the carbon cycle. The rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the Industrial revolution is causing our planet’s heat to get trapped in the atmosphere and for the temperature to rise. These rising carbon dioxide levels are contributing to  such as climate change. That is why it is good to find ways of reducing our cardon dioxide emissions.

Saving money

Lowering your thermostat also has another advantage: Turn down your room thermostat by one degree to save about £75 and 310kg carbon dioxide a year!


Turn your thermostat down a bit

When you are not home: turn it off or leave the heating on 18°C.

When you are home, put the heating on 20°C.

Keeping warm

If you are feeling chilly when sitting still (when you’re at your computer, watching television or reading a book for example), do something active for a bit. Have a tidy, hoover the house, play with the dog: you will be warm again in no time.

An extra warm jumper, warm socks and having snuggly blankets on the sofa are also a very good way of staying warm without having to blast the heating.

Find out more handy tips from the Energy Saving Trust.


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