8: Switch off the tap

Simple Thing No.8

water; tooth brush; save waterToday’s Simple Thing is true to its name and very simple indeed: Switch off the tap when brushing your teeth. This saves water and money!

Why do we need to save water?

The water cycle is closed, as we have learned in biology and geography when we were at school. So surely there is not such thing as ‘wasting’ water. When we talk about wasting water we don’t mean the actual loss of the water itself. What we mean is the loss of clean water that we use. Did you know we flush our toilets with drinking water? The process water goes through before it ends up in your tap is long, complex, expensive and takes a lot of energy. The less water you use, the less water has to go through that whole process again. That is why we encourage switching off your tap while you are brushing your teeth!

Find more Simple Things you can do to save water.


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