9: Celebrate the arts – go to an exhibition or performance


Simple Thing No.9-Celebrate the arts

‘You can never go home again’ by Katherine Payne. Find out about new up and coming artists near you and support them by visiting their exhibitions.

The arts help us express our feelings, beliefs and experiences, transport us into other worlds and show us possibilities and perspectives far removed from our daily lives.

For your Simple Thing today we encourage you to find an event to attend over the weekend or in the near future. Tell us about it on Facebook or share a photo or screenshot on Instagram, commenting on what attracted you to that particular event. Now more than ever we realise how important freedom of expression is. It needs to be cultivated, sustained and encouraged.

The arts can help us understand how people think and feel, get an insight into different cultures, and explain motivations and responses to particular events or moments.

A lot of what artists do is tell stories. They help us make sense of our world, and they broaden our experience and understanding. The arts enable us […] to connect us to the past, the present, and the future, sometimes simultaneously.” – Barbara Ernst Prey (The Huffington Post)

A great example of this is the street art by Banksy. His work almost always provides a commentary on current affairs from around the world. Much of it gets removed by local councils, but there are many lucky people who manage to see some of his work. In 2005, Banksy produced a series of images on the Israeli concrete security barrier as a protest against its construction. The images are on the Palestinian side of the wall and include depictions of ‘what life could be like on the other side of the wall’. Some work was removed. Banksy reported that Israeli soldiers pointed guns at him as he worked.

Art in London

Not familiar with the art community in London? Start by exploring these listings and ideas:

Galleries and MUSEUMS

Free late nights at museums in London Free museums and exhibitions in London 10 of the best arts venues in south London London’s Artist Quarter


End User – Hayward Gallery

Disobedient Objects – The V&A

Where you are

Where are you based? Are there any art events or performances you would recommend? Spread the word by sharing the information on our social media:

Facebook │Instagram │ Twitter


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