11: Have some happy milk

11: milk from happy cows

Simple Thing No. 11: Make sure the milk you buy is from happy cows.

Today is Milk Day, so it only made sense to put milk on the agenda for today’s Simple Thing.

“This day was chosen [as Milk Day] because, reputedly, milk was delivered in glass bottles for the first time in 1878 on this day. Glass bottles allowed milk to be delivered in sanitary conditions to customers. Before that, it was brought round in large milk cans, often open to the elements, and you’d bring your pail and they’d ladle out what you wanted.”
– From the Food Calendar on Cook’s Info

For your Simple Thing, find out more about how milk is produced and why it might be worth starting to buy organic milk. Milk is in high demand, and in order to meet this demand dairy farmers all over the world work around the clock to produce enough milk for us. But with this high demand come many problems. Poor living conditions for the dairy cows, infected udders from the milking machines, and price wars between major supermarket chains resulting in a struggling milk industry to name a few.

What is different about organic dairy farms?

  • how they care for their animals
  • how they ensure their soils remain healthy
  • how they care for wildlife and the natural environment on the farm
  • the fair and ethical treatment of any staff they employ

Organic milk may be a bit more pricey, but with good reason: It is simply better for everyone involved – you, the cows, the farmers and the environment.


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