22: The Four Minute Shower Challenge

save waterMany water providers have recently launched the Four Minute Shower Challenge in a bid to save water (and a bonus extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning!).

If leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth can waste as much as 36 litres of water, those lazy 10 to 20 minute showers that wake you up in the mornings can waste a lot more.

Water facts

So as part of the Four Minute Shower Challenge, we’ve come up with some ways to make your challenge easier:

Sing in the shower

Time your shower to the length of your favourite song! We had a little browse for you to see what songs are more or less four minutes long, and we have found some absolute gems!

  • The circle of life – The Lion King
  • Remember the time – Michael Jackson
  • Is this love – Bob Marley
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Put the lime in the coconut – Harry Nilson

Some water-related ones:

  • Singin’ in the rain – Gene Kelly
  • Waterfalls – TLC
  • Umbrella – Rihanna
  • Pure shores – All Saints

And there are many, many more. Just be careful not to slip on the soap while you’re dancing!

Long hair

Long hair? Turn the shower off while you’re shampooing or conditioning your hair.

Hair treatments

A leave in conditioning treatment? The bottle might say three minutes but a little longer will leave your hair feeling silky. So once applied, wrap your hair in a towel and take some time, half an hour, an hour, to tick another thing off your to-do list (or even lose yourself in a book for a while). Save your treatment for an evening or weekend treat one a week and get more out of it- and save water!

Washing up

Dishwasher: Only use the dishwasher if it is completely full. 

Hand washing: Invest in a washing up bowl or always put the plug in the sink. Water is wasted by people running the tap and rinsing their dishes. A bowl of hot soapy water is much more economical.

There are many other clever ways of saving water. If you are looking to be a little more radical with your water saving techniques, have a look at this video by Youth Radio – Seven weird ways to save water:

7 Weird Ways to Save Water.
Find more ideas in the links below, or run your own search online; there are lots of handy tips to make saving water part of your daily routine.

Research and writing – Natasha Pearce


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