26: Second hand clothing

Simple Thing No.26-Second-hand clothes shoppingWhy

Why you should buy second hand clothes and recycle your old ones:

It’s cheap

You will often find excellent quality second hand clothing that has hardly been worn at all at a fraction of the price. Especially in January when we are all suffering from empty pockets after December festivities, it is well worth having a browse in the local charity shops  or on sites like eBay for a new addition to your wardrobe.

It’s green

Buying used clothes cuts down on manufacturing demands and keeps more items out of the landfill, saving the Earth in effect. Check out these ‘Nine reasons to shop second-hand‘.

Find out more: The secret life of your clothes (BBC)


Go shopping

Get out there and spend your pennies. Check out Time Out’s guide to London’s best charity shops or head over to eBay to find your favourite charity’s online shop.

let someone else wear your clothes

Spring clean your wardrobe for the new year. Donate the clothes you never wear to charity shops or top up your post-Christmas pennies by selling clothes on eBay.

You could even have a swap-shop party with your friends – everyone brings the clothes they never wear, they pay £1 for each item they love, and anything left at the end of the night goes to charity.


Recycle clothes that are too worn out to go to the charity shop. You can recycle your textiles at a recycling bank or centre or at stores such as H+M and Bravissimo have schemes to recycle your old clothes in store

Reuse and re-purpose

Reuse and re-purpose: Use old clothes for other things such as cushion covers, handbags or handkerchief or make an old garment into something completely different. Here are some ideas we love:

  • Refashionista turns charity shop finds into fashion gems
  • Mollie Makes shows you how to turn your old t-shirts into yarn for rugs and other craft projects
  • Fab Art DIY makes a cat bed from an old t-shirt

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