Why do we need to save water?

Why do we need to save water?
The water cycle is closed, as we have learned in biology and geography when we were at school. So surely there is not such thing as ‘wasting’ water. When we talk about wasting water we don’t mean the actual loss of the water itself. What we mean is the loss of clean water that we use. Did you know we flush our toilets with drinking water? The process water goes through before it ends up in your tap is long, complex, expensive and takes a lot of energy. The less water you use, the less water has to go through that whole process again. That is why we encourage short showers and many more Simple Things you can do to stop wasting clean water!

Simple Thing: Four minute showers

water; 4 minute shower; conserve water; save waterMany water suppliers across the UK have recently come up with a campaign to get people to take shorter showers, to help save water. The water we use to shower has gone through the long process of being cleaned, purified, filtered and so on. So standing under the shower for half an hour is a complete waste of that long process! With this little hourglass timer, you can ensure you shower much quicker!

Ladies: Long lush hair that needs treatments, shampoos and conditioners? Switch off the shower while you’re lathering up and switch it back on again when you are ready to rinse!

Simple Thing: Catch that rain water

Gardening is a joy for many and it is ever so important to nature. However, a lot of water gets wasted with garden hoses and sprinklers. Save money on your water bill and stop using clean drinking water to water your plants. Invest in a container of some sort to catch rain water, buy yourself a good watering can and water your plants the old fashioned way.

Garden too big for hand watering? Give some of your garden back to the wild: wild flowers and plants are much less sensitive that our domesticated plants and can withstand lack of water for a much longer time. Plus all the little creatures will be most grateful for a patch of wild plant life to make into their home.

No access to rain water? You may live in a flat or shared house where you don’t have the option to store rain water. You can still keep your plants hydrated. Make sure they are not in the sun while behind glass (think your windows or the glass panels of your balcony). This way, they won’t need constant watering. Buy a little plant spray so that when you do need to water them, you can regulate the amount of water you are using very easily.


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