Friendly Pest Control

Mice in your house? Don’t get out the poison or lethal mouse traps. Have you ever seen a little mouse up close? They are incredible creatures. Not only that, we need them! They eat insects and plants which keeps them from overgrowing, and they are a major food source for many animals, such as birds of prey. If mice were taken from an ecosystem then other animals would suffer.

Many traps are deadly to mice, but also to other creatures you did not intend to catch: pet cats, dogs, or small birds and other wildlife out in the garden can get injured by deadly mouse traps.

Gentle mouse traps

Trapping a mouse doesn’t have to end in blood shed. Get a gentle mouse trap like these humane trip traps and your mouse will be caught but not injured or dead.

Simple Thing: mouse-friendly traps

  • Buy a mouse-friendly trap – Many pet shops will have these kinds of traps. Pop by your local shop or search online to get yourself one.
  • Make a mouse-friendly trap yourself – There is no shortage of sites that show you how to make a mouse-friendly trap.

When you have caught your mouse, gently take it over to a sheltered spot with plants and bushes where it can recover and be on its way.

Remember, prevention is always better than having to find a quick fix. Have you ever wondered why you have mice in your home, school or office?

Simple Thing: Mouse-proof your house

We can’t blame wildlife for wanting a warm place to live and ample food. However, pests can cause all sorts of damage in the home and there is a risk of transmission of disease to humans. Prevention is the most humane pest control method available to us.

Remove access to what pests want — primarily shelter and food — and they will go elsewhere.

  • Clean and de-clutter: Vacuum regularly and get rid of unnecessary clutter (including papers), which can provide hiding and nesting materials to all sorts of pests. Cardboard boxes can easily be chewed through so store your things in sturdier containers.
  • Rinse out garbage containers and bins regularly. Even a bit of food or liquid left on the bottom can attract pests.
  • Immediately wipe up any spilled food or drink.
  • Wash dirty dishes immediately.
  • Keep pet food in sealed containers and do not to leave it lying around, even indoors.

These are just a few of the many useful tips by Humane Pest Control, where you will find many more things you can do.


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