Recycling is important and needs to be taken seriously. At Resolution:Possible we are always telling you how we are all connected to others across the world. Not only does recycling help the environment, it also helps people.

  • By recycling glass, copper, gold, tin and plastic (made from oil) we conserve the finite resources of our planet. This way, endless pressure and violent disputes over access to land where these materials are found will diminish.
  • Recycling also helps protect our fragile environment because we need to extract fewer materials from the earth.
  • If we all recycle, the amount of general waste is reduced, ensuring diminishing local council budgets are spent on better things than burning or burrying our rubbish.

See what happens to your recycling in this video or read more in‘Where does all my household recycling go?’ by Westminster Council:

The Recycling Centre or Materials Recycling Facility – how it works from RecycleNow on Vimeo.

You can recycle almost everything. Each council, wherever you live, will have their own guidelines on what can or cannot be recycled. You’ll be surprised how much you really can recycle, though, so it is well worth checking out what your council says.

recycle; waste; plastic; tin; glass; electronics; recycling


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