Cruelty free cosmetics and toiletries

Cosmetics and toiletries

Be cruelty free infographic

Frequently we have no idea what has gone on before our cosmetics and toiletries end up in our bathroom cabinets or make-up bags. Find out more from this infographic by the Humane Society International.

What happens when our make-up, shower gel, body lotion or toothpaste is made?

All cosmetics and toiletries brands need to constantly come up with new ingredients to persuade us to buy their products: add gold or essence of pearl to the product for more luxury, ingredients for whiter teeth, extracts of plants for more shiny hair or a little something for longer looking eye lashes. But how do we know it is safe for us to use? Who are the test subjects?

Officially, there are no test labs with animals for the purpose of cosmetics and toiletries in Europe. However, most major brands sub-contract laboratories based else where, often in China, to test their products.

In fact, if your brand sells to the Chinese market they definitely test on animals as they are required to do so by Chinese law.

Toiletries and cosmetics are not of vital importance to our lives. Testing these on animals will not cure a disease or save lives. These tests are conducted for our luxury.

Simple Thing: Replace your cosmetics and toiletries with cruelty-free products

We don’t have to go through life unwashed and bare faced to stop animals from being subjected to tests. There are numerous brands which pride themselves in providing products ranging from shower gels, hand soaps and tooth pastes to foundations, mascaras and nail polish, that have not been tested on animals.

Boys and girls, when you run out of one of your products, why not replace it with a cruelty free item?

You can have a look on Go Cruelty Free or have a wander down your local high street: many organic, natural shops sell not only healthy foods, but very often toiletries and cosmetics as well!


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