Cruelty-free cleaning products

Be cruelty free infographic

We know of animal testing for medical science, for make-up and toiletries. But what about animal testing for house hold products? Find out more from this infographic by the Humane Society International.

Companies producing house hold cleaning products need to ensure that when we touch these fluids it is safe. Therefore they test the products on animals so they can study their reaction to the ingredients. But how much could really be changing in the make up of a cleaning product that we continue to test them on animals?

Simple Thing: Replace your cleaning products with cruelty-free products

There are numerous brands who pride themselves in providing products ranging from washing up liquids, hand soaps, washing detergents and fabric softeners. You can have a look on Leaping or have a wander down your local high street: many organic, natural shops sell not only healthy foods, but very often cleaning products as well!


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