Do you look after your work phone?

Lots of companies give their employees mobile phones to be used for work purposes. Generally these phones get replaced on a fairly frequent basis.

Have you wondered what your company does with the old phones once they have replaced them? They may very well be part of recycling schemes, but why not check?

A work phone may be easily replaced by your company, it doesn’t take away from the energy and materials that have been wasted to build your phone. Just because it doesn’t cost you anything doesn’t mean it hasn’t cost the planet.

Tip for employers

When you notice your employees are often losing or breaking their work phones, set rules to ensure they look after them properly. For example:

  • A replacement phone will come out of their own wages
  • Have a zero tolerance policy on replacements – employees will need to use their personal phones

This ensures a much stronger commitment to look after the equipment (you could implement this for tablets as well as phones). By encouraging employees to look after a company phone you will save money, but most importantly reduce the demand for new phones and the amount of damaged phones to disappear into our environment.

When phones are due to be replaced, why not look at an alternative phone rather than the mainstream brands? The social enterprise Fairphone has produced a smart phone for which they investigated and made direct contact with each of the companies working the various stages of production, from mine to shop. Why not be a pioneer in sustainability and invest in phones like the Fairphone for your company?

Companies such as EnviroFone specialise in buying old mobile phones avoiding waste, increasing the re-use of existing electronics, and enabling mobile phones that can’t be used anymore to be sent to registered recycling companies.


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