Members of the workforce – be good to people and planet

We all have have jobs in one form or another, and most of us spend the majority of our time at work. So it is only logical to implement your Simple Things on the work floor as well.


Unless you work from home, all of us need to commute to work. Have a think how to best go about this.


Do you really have to drive to work? Is there an alternative, for example train, bus or even cycle? If you don’t have to drive, you can spend your commuting time doing something useful instead: catch up on work, read that book you still haven’t got round to or even learn something new.

If your work is situated where driving really is the only way there, think about giving others a lift. It is a complete waste to be sitting in a car alone. Do you have colleagues that live near you? Arrange to drive them. They can share in the petrol cost and it’s much more fun being stuck in traffic with others than on your own


If you cycle to work, you don’t need to spend money on a gym membership, nor do you have to give up mornings or evenings to go to a class. You don’t have to cycle at Tour de France style speeds. You can casually cycle in, enjoy what you see around you. Even at a casual speed cycling is faster than busses and cars, and often faster than underground trains, too. Cycling in urban spaces can be fun and relaxing as long as you take your time and remember: it’s not a race!


Nowadays we receive our messages on our desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, you name it. How much of the information you receive needs to be printed out?

Avoid printing to save costs to your company as well as reduce the demand on paper, the production of cartridges and printers.

If you must print, choose the double sided option.

Switch it off

At the end of the day, make sure you switch everything off:

  • Lights
  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • Printer

These are the electronics that tend to be left on most of the time. Switch them off and save money on your company’s electricity bills plus help your company be greener.

Computer slow to start up? Before you even take your coat off when you get into work in the morning, make switching your computer on the first thing you do. Then do all the other things that are part of your morning routine: hang up your coat, make a cup of tea, greet your colleagues, check for phone messages, sort through the post, and give your computer time to get going.

Work phone

Lots of companies give their employees mobile phones to be used for work purposes. Generally these phones get replaced on a fairly frequent basis.

Have you wondered what your company does with the old phones once they have replaced them? They may very well be part of recycling schemes, but why not check?

When phones are due to be replaced, why not look at an alternative phone, rather than the mainstream brands? The social enterprise Fairphone have produced a smart phone for which they investigated and made direct contact with each of the companies working the various stages of production, from mine to shop. Why not be a pioneer in sustainability and invest in phones like the Fairphone for your company?


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