Learn about the economy: it concerns everyone

Find out how economics is linked to your very own life. The term economy is all over the news, but what does it actually mean? Most of us don’t have a clue. That’s fine, media and experts have made it all sound so overwhelming it’s no wonder we tend to give up. To the majority of us, the economy remains an abstract concept that has little to nothing to do with us. And it is certainly not something that is ours to control.

“Only 12% of people feel they understand
what is being said in the news”

– Joe Richards from Economy, at the ‘Discovering the economy
around you’ Toolkit launch 22 February 2017

But now there is a way that we can learn about economics in a way that relates to our own immediate surroundings.

Have a look at this tool created by Economy to find out how you and the economy are much more connected that you may think: Economy – Learn.

Economy  and the Citizens’ Economic Council at the RSA  teamed up because they feel that when we don’t understand economics, we can’t make the right decisions that are good for us, our communities, our countries, and in the end: our world. Together they created the Discovering the economy around you Toolkit. They hope that the Toolkit will help remove the feeling that economics is confusing or boring to talk about, and that “the subject (for whatever reason) belongs to experts only”.

Do Simple Things – Use the Toolkit

We definitely recommend having a go at using the toolkit, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn and how straightforward it actually is.

download the Toolkit

Economy Toolkit Map 2017 (500)

The drawing above is part of the toolkit created by Economy and the Citizens’ Economic Council at the RSA. It helps us to visualise how we as individuals are part of larger groups and communities. These communities, and the activities we do in them, are the economy. As you can see: we are all very much part of it.

Find out more | Get involved


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