Let green spaces go wild

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Manicured lawn or bee-friendly wild flowers? Why not a bit of both, as demonstrated here by this Cambridge University college.

Nicely kept lawns and carefully designed flower beds may impress horticulturalists, but they are a nightmare for local wildlife. Rather than spending hours weeding, mowing, pruning, and plucking – sit back, relax, enjoy your garden, and watch as wildlife pays a visit to your little nature sanctuary.

As well as designating spaces where nature can go its own way, you can help by adding some features that wildlife especially love. Make sure there are gaps in your fences between gardens so that wildlife such as hedgehogs can access your garden and roam freely. Have some water available for any thirsty visitors. Grow wild flowers, most sachets of seeds will tell you which ones are preferred by animals such as bees and other pollinators. They also love lavender!

You may not notice a difference straight away, but over time you will have some special visitors, some of which are in decline and urgently need spaces to call their home.

The stag beetle is declining in numbers rapidly. Foxes are seen as a pest especially in urban areas, but if they have space to roam and forage for food, they would be less inclined to interfere with the world of humans. Young birds stand a better chance of survival if they have lots of foliage to hide in while they are growing up and waiting for the day when they are able to fly the nest.


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